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1Malaysia Veteran Recognition Program (1MVRP), Kuala Kangsar, Perak.

Corn is planted and grown by its’ sister company – Mah Yong, which was established since 1986. Mah Yong has over twenty years of experiences in supplying high quality sweet corn to the business. The relentless research and development throughout the years has cultivated growing techniques that are conducive for the corn to be grown in Tropical’s climate and geographical environment. Mah Yong managed to grow a unique corn species which is known as one of the “best” quality corn in Malaysia and is produced exclusively for Daily Fresh Foods Group. The company has the largest corn plantation in Simpang Renggam and Pontian in Johor, Malaysia. In view of the abundant peat soil at the areas, it is the ideal location for the cultivation of corn. The farm is able to churn out 275 tonnes of whole kernel corn monthly from the 810 hectare plantation site, in which 80 percent of it is exported to overseas market while the remaining of it is for the local market.