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Daily Fresh products symbolise a new era in quality standards. Each product is specially formulated with natural ingredients and unique flavors. New innovative products are constantly being developed and market research is done before launching any new product into the market. All Daily Fresh products are certified “HALAL” by the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (JAKIM) in compliance with International Islamic Laws.

Waffle, Filling, Topping and that’s what “WAFITO” is derived from. Our waffles are completely wholesome and freshly prepared to perfection with its crispy exterior, pleasant aroma and a variety of delectable topping and filling, making it an irresistible snack to go for.

Our Wafito waffles are available in 2 ranges, which are Classic and Premium. For the classic range of Wafito waffles, there are readily 6 types of jam and spread that cater to discerning taste buds, you are surely spoilt for choice.

Whereas for the premium range of Wafito waffles, they are made of flavoured and each Wafito Premium flavour has a a different unique combination set of fillings and toppings.